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8 Creative DIY ideas for small display cases

Small display case for soccer

Presenting something in style adds an extra beauty to it. Are you a player or a football/ soccer lover?

You have collectables` of your favourite match, and they are not worth watching in your closet. The small display case is all your choice and idea to bring out your collection.

You can hang your display case on some wall or place it on some perfect corner in your area.

Small pin display case

Pins; enamel, or your achievement pins? Every pin in your assortment is chief. Present them in a way per worth watching. You can display your pins in a small jewellery case or display case to show your pool.

Wood display case for dolls

Believe in fairy tales? Want to teach your girls organisation from the beginning? Or have a collection of dolls?

Above all, you need a wood display case to sort everything. You can mount your display case in-wall and show the way of presentation to your child. Organise every doll with the organisation in the case and extant a source of a drill.

Wood display case for a watch collection

Thus, a horizontal or a vertical display case for your watches?

You have a collection, but it won't display properly; it's not worth that. All you need is a vertical wood display case for your watch collection. Find it on your near suppliers and assort every in the organiser sections to save them and display.

sweets corner display case

You want a sweet corner in your place. Arrange a display case for your sweet storage. You can store different sweets in transparent jars and place them in your display case. The area not only looks like a rainbow but gives you easy suggestions for use also.

Wood display case for coffee mugs

You are running a coffee corner and always want to attract your customer with not only your taste. But also want to inspire them with your beautiful mugs collection. Add a wood display case in some corners and display all your variety in some creative way.

Also, offer them to use their favourite mug to build a friendly atmosphere with your services.

Small jars display case

Suppose you are facing a space shortage and have mini treats for yourself. All you have to do is pick a small display case and arrange some proper distribution in it. Or, if you have little jars, you can place them in the display case. In this way, all your collection is safe under one roof.

Wood display case for kitchen cabinet

Do you want an organiser, or want to organise them by yourself? You can arrange your utensils or your baking area in your unique style.

Add small wood display cases for kitchen cabinets and arrange all your spatulas in the case properly.