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6 DIY travel shadow box ideas🎀 to capture road trip memories🚗🛺🚖🚌

Travelling is a great way to create lasting memories with family and friends. One way to preserve those memories is to create a shadow box. Shadow boxes are three-dimensional displays that can be customised to feature mementos from your trip. Here are six DIY shadow box ideas to help you capture your road trip memories:

1. License plate shadow box:

For this shadow box, you'll need a license plate from each state you visit, as well as a map of the United States. Simply glue the license plates onto the map, and then add in any other small souvenirs, such as keychains or postcards.A license plate shadow box is a great way to display your license plate collection. The shadow box allows you to showcase your plates while protecting them from damage. To create a shadow box, start by selecting a frame that is deep enough to accommodate the thickness of your license plates. Next, arrange your plates in the frame, starting with the largest plate in the center and working your way out. You can create a variety of patterns, or simply arrange the plates in a pleasing manner. Once you have placed all of your plates in the frame, add a layer of batting or fabric to protect the plates from dust and damage. Finally, hang your shadow box on a wall or display it on a shelf. Enjoy your collection and the compliments you are sure to receive from family and friends.

2. Photo collage shadow box:

Gather all the photos from your road trip, and then arrange them in a collage inside the shadow box. You can also add in other memorabilia, such as ticket stubs or maps.A shadow box is a deep frame with a glass front. It's perfect for displaying three-dimensional objects or mementos, like seashells, photos, and other keepsakes. If you're looking for a creative way to display your travel photos, a shadow box collage is a great option. To create one, start by selecting a few of your favorite photos from your trips. You can choose to focus on a certain destination or theme, or simply choose a mix of different images. Once you've selected your photos, print them out in the desired size. Then, use acid-free matting and mounting corners to attach the photos to the backing of the shadow box. Finally, add any additional embellishments, like labels or map scrolls, and then close up the shadow box. Your finished collage will be a beautiful and unique way to share your travel memories with others.

3. Pressed flower shadow box:

Press flowers throughout your journey and then display them in the shadow box. You can include a handwritten note explaining where each flower was found.

4. Rock collection shadow box:

A shadow box is the perfect way to display a small travel rock collection. Select a shadow box that is deep enough to accommodate the rocks, as well as any other materials you want to include, such as sand, shells, or coral. Once you have assembled your materials, arrange them in the shadow box so that they create an aesthetically pleasing design. To secure the rocks in place, you can use hot glue or epoxy. If you are using shells or coral, be sure to clean and disinfect them first. Finally, add a background layer of fabric or felt to give your shadow box a finished look. Travelling and collecting rocks can be a fun and rewarding hobby, and a shadow box is a great way to show off your treasures.collect rocks from each place you visit, and then design a cohesive display in the shadow box. You could arrange the rocks by colour, shape, or size.

5. Shell collection shadow box:

A shadow box is the perfect way to display a Shell collection. By filling the bottom of the frame with sand or small rocks, the shells will be elevated and easy to see. It's also a good idea to arrange the shells by size, shape, or color. For example, you could create a gradient by grouping together shells of similar colors. Or, you could highlight the variations in shell shape by organizing them from smallest to largest. Whatever approach you take, a shadow box provides an attractive and eye-catching way to display your treasured Shell collection.Similar to the rock collection, thisshadow box features shells instead of rocks. You can find shells at beaches, lakes, or even rivers. Be sure to wash them before adding them to the display.

6. State flag shadow box

: Collect a small flag from each state you visit and create a patriotic display in the shadow box. You could also add in other items, such as state quarters or license plates. Whichever way you choose to customize it, ashadow box is a great way to commemorate your road trip memories.

So there you go, 6 different ways to make a fun travel shadow box to remember all the details of your road trip adventures. No matter which route you choose to take with your design, have fun and be creative! Be sure to share pictures of your fabulous final product in the comments below or tag us on social media – we can’t wait to see what amazing memories you displayed!