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6 best ways 🤩to Place military awards 🎖🏆🏅🥉🥈in a military shadow box for a unique look🖼

Are you looking for a unique way to showcase the military awards and accomplishments of a loved one? Shadow boxes are an excellent display option that allows you to combine medals, patches, photographs, memorabilia, and other items in a creative presentation. These custom displays not only capture your recipient’s story but create lasting visual impact as well. In this post, we share six of the best ways to place military awards in shadow boxes to bring out their memorable symbolism and honour individual courage, commitment, skill and dedication. Keep reading for tips on how to personalise these meaningful displays and honour any special service member or veteran in your life.

Choose a theme: Whether it's patriotic, nostalgic, or humorous, a theme will help to tie your shadow box together

The shadows in the box told a story of patriotism and nostalgia. It was an intricate, beautiful display that had been carefully crafted over time by a loving family. Each item held within it memories of days gone by, when life was simpler yet more meaningful.

At its centre stood an old American flag – a symbol of pride for generations to come. Its vibrant reds and blues were still as vivid as ever, despite having seen many seasons pass since it first flew proudly in the breeze alongside those who defended their country’s freedom with their lives. To one side lay several medals – each one representing a brave individual who served our nation faithfully and courageously throughout history.

On another shelf rested various pieces from different eras – some modern but most belonging to times long forgotten before technology took hold of society’s attention span. A set of vintage glasses sat atop an antique typewriter; both items seemingly untouched since they first made their appearance years ago - reminders not only of how far we have come but also that progress should never be taken for granted or overlooked no matter what form it takes on in our lives today.

Every corner seemed to tell its own unique tale through objects both big and small- whether sentimental trinkets or historical artifices, all were presented with utmost care and significance in this shadow box meant to honour past heroes while inspiring new ones along the way!

Incorporate personal items: In addition to awards and medals, consider adding photos, letters, and other mementos.

Jane had been a collector of awards, medals and other mementos for as long as she could remember. She kept them carefully displayed in her home as reminders of how far she had come from the small town girl with big dreams to the successful business woman she was today.

Each item held a special place in her heart, each one representing a momentous event or victory that had propelled her forward on her journey. From the first trophy won at school to the prestigious award given by an industry giant, they all beamed with pride and reminded Jane that anything was possible if you worked hard enough.

However, it wasn’t just awards and medals that filled Jane's shelves; there were also photos of family members who had cheered her along every step of the way, letters from friends offering encouragement during difficult times and even postcards sent from places around the world which she visited during some unforgettable trips.

These personal items made up much more than just memorabilia; they served as visual representations of Jane's journey through life - a reminder not only of what she'd achieved but also what mattered most to her: love, friendship and adventure!

Use creative displays: Get creative with how you arrange and display items in the shadow box.

Jane had always been a creative soul, so when it came time to decorate her new home she decided to get really inventive. One of the first projects she took on was creating a shadow box display in her living room. She wanted something unique and eye-catching that would draw people's attention.

To start, Jane gathered all the items she wanted to include in her shadow box: small knickknacks, photos, figurines and other trinkets that held special meaning for her. Once she had everything assembled together, Jane spent hours arranging the pieces in various ways until she found just the right design for her one-of-a-kind piece of art.

She thought carefully about how best to group certain objects together or separate them out from each other - should this be placed close by this? Should these two elements be further apart? Which colours worked best with which shapes and textures? Every tiny detail mattered as much as every larger decision; nothing was too minor for consideration in constructing this masterpiece!

Once Jane felt satisfied with the result of her handiwork, she proudly hung it up on the wall where everyone who entered could admire its beauty. She'd created something uniquely hers through sheer creativity and determination - an accomplishment worthy of celebration!

Use different colours and textures: Varying colours and textures will add visual interest to the display.

One day, Jane decided to take her creativity to the next level by creating an eye-catching display for her small business. Using all of the colours she could find in her craft closet, Jane set out to create something truly special with varying colours and textures that would draw people in from near and far.

After hours of hard work perfecting every detail - from selecting just the right materials to carefully curating objects within each scene - Jane's display came together into one cohesive piece of artwork that rivalled those seen on museum walls. Every passerby stopped in awe as they admired its intricate beauty, making it clear that Jane's dedication paid off!

Add lighting: Strategic lighting can highlight specific items or add a dramatic effect.

Jane had always been a collector. She could never pass up an interesting trinket or souvenir, no matter how small it was. Her home was filled with decorations from all over the world, each one telling its own unique story that she held dear to her heart.

But Jane's collection lacked something - a sense of drama and atmosphere. She wanted to showcase her items in a way that would draw in others and make their eyes light up with wonder. That's when she got the idea for a shadow box display.

Jane set out on an ambitious project: she would carefully choose lighting fixtures that would highlight specific pieces of her collection, while also adding just enough shadows to give them an extra mysterious feel. After hours of researching different types of lights and experimenting with various placement strategies, Jane finally found the perfect combination - strategic lighting arranged at angles so as to create shadowy silhouettes around certain items without overpowering them completely.

The result was stunning! Now whenever visitors came into Jane's house they were dazzled by the dynamic display created by clever use of light and shadows within her shadow box feature wall. Every item seemed like it was alive with stories waiting to be told - every piece illuminated in its own special way!

Keep it organised: Label items clearly and group them together in a way that makes sense.

Jane had never been in the military, but that didn't stop her from being proud of her father's service. She had grown up hearing stories of his courage and commitment to serving his country, so when he passed away she was determined to honour him in some special way.

When Jane decided to create a shadow box for her father, she spent hours collecting items that would best represent his time in the military. One by one she carefully placed medals, patches, photos and other memorabilia into the box with great pride. When it was finally complete, Jane stepped back and admired her work; it truly captured everything her father stood for during his years as a soldier.

Jane hung the shadow box above the mantelpiece where everyone could see it whenever they entered their home - an ever-present reminder of what makes family life so special: shared values and dedication to something greater than ourselves. Though he may have gone on before us all too soon, dad's spirit will live forever through this little piece of art dedicated entirely to him and his service record.

here you have it! Six ideas for how to arrange your military awards in a way that best represents you and your service. Get creative, think outside the traditional square shadow box, and most importantly – have fun with it! If you need help getting started or want someone to handle the entire process for you, we’d be happy to assist. Simply contact us today and we’ll get started on designing a one-of-a-kind display that tells your unique story.