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5 memory keeping ideas ✨to display your kids 👩🧒👶memories in a display frame

Memorabilia from your children's childhoods can easily become lost or damaged if it's not stored properly. A display case is a great way to protect and show off these items. But what should you put in a display case? Here are five ideas:

1. Artwork: Save your child's best paintings and drawings to showcase in the display case. You could rotate the pieces every few months to keep the display fresh.

2. Baby clothes: Choose a few special outfits, such as their first outfit or a christening gown, to preserve in the display case. If you have multiple children, you could display one outfit from each kid.

3. Trophies and medals: Sports trophies and awards are another great option for the display case. Arrange them by sport or event, or simply line them up on shelves.

4. School yearbooks: Yearbooks make wonderful memories to look back on. You could create a collage of photos from your child's yearbook, or simply display the book itself in the case.

5. Photographs: Of course, photos are always a cherished memory to look back on. You could create a photo album specifically for the display case, or frame individual pictures to hang on the walls. Whatever you choose, be sure to take care when handling and cleaning the photographs so they'll last for years to come.