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4 easy ways✨ to display shells in a shadow box🖼

Shells are beautiful natural treasures that can be found in a variety of colors, shapes, and sizes. They make for beautiful displays in shadow boxes and can be collected from your travels or purchased from a variety of retailers. Here are four easy ways to display shells in a shadow box:

- The simplest way to display shells is to simply glue them onto the backing of the shadow box. This works well for small shells, and you can arrange them in any pattern or design you like.

- Another option is to use pins to secure the shells to the backing. This works well for larger shells, and you can also create fun patterns and designs with this method.

- If you want to create a more three-dimensional effect, you can glue the shells onto wire and then bend the wire into shape before attaching it to the shadow box backing.

- Finally, you could also suspend the shells from fishing line or clear thread. This creates a really unique effect and is perfect for displaying larger shells.

Whichever method you choose, displaying shells in a shadow box is a great way to show off your collection and add a touch of natural beauty to your home décor.

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