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Are you passionate about pins, badges ,post cards and medals?? We must say you are at a perfect place! Our legacy lies in our root strengths. You can find your favourite items to care of, protect them and display them beautifully. We will surely give you complete guide to learn how to decorate your home with such accessories. We are always happy to assist you in your online shopping experience and wants to make you feel like your home. We are always ready to fulfil all of your collectable display needs !

Wooden Flower Vase


ZYFIRRO produces the pure and finest quality and most elegant, collecting pins collector's cases in the world, that meet, fulfil and exceed archival preservation requirements. Our high quality products made us popular all over the world. All pins dispaly cases will give you a unique and fabulous view when you show it off at your walls. 


We guarantee to our customers that all material that comes in contact with your collection is best and archival quality. It must be pH-neutral, 100% free of plasticzers that is chemical softening agents and also free of stearates. We specially use MDF material and scientfically tested to insure it does not contain any harmful effect. Material and colors are make best masterpiece and differentiate with others.

Perfume Bottle


As our website is connected to our Amazon store so whatever you may collect from our Amazon store, will surely help you find the appropriate solution for housing your loved collection. You can display your favourite pins, badges, flags, jewellery, beach tags, stickers and much more. With this cases your loved items will be safe and secure from dust, rust and damage.

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